Beat the Heat: 4 Summer Safety Tips

Summer gives us a great chance to get out there and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer. However, it also comes with additional safety risks. Here are four ways to reduce your chances of getting sick or injured this summer.

1. Protect yourself from the heat.

Most of us love the warm weather that summer brings but keep in mind, it also brings the risk of heat related illness. These include heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat cramps. As the National Safety Council (NSC) says, “the best way to avoid a heat related illness is to limit exposure outdoors during hot days.” NSC also recommends drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol, wearing lightweight clothing, drinking juice or sports drinks to replenish the salt lost from sweat, wearing sunscreen, and pacing yourself when exerting your body.

2. Stay Hydrated.

“Water is the most important, and often most forgotten, nutrient” explains Live Science and all the more important during the summer, when you’re losing moisture through sweat. So, drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise, as well as enough to prevent you from getting thirsty in the first place when not exercising.

3. Wear sunscreen.

Just 15 minutes in the sun can damage your skin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To reduce your risk of sun damage, apply sunscreen about half an hour before being in the sun, to give your skin a chance to absorb the product. Liberally apply about a handful to cover your entire body. On all part of exposed Skin. More on how to select and apply sunscreen.

4. Be prepared in bear country.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when heading into bear country. Here’s how to make a comprehensive bear safety plan:

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