Safety Expert, David Nance


What Makes an Expert on Personal Safety?

Some might say years of experience, education, passion, or teaching others. David Nance possesses each of these elements and more, which is why is has been recognized as the expert in personal safety for over 20 years.

David is a nationally acclaimed safety expert dedicated to educating law enforcement officers and the public about personal safety. As the son of SABRE’s founder, David grew up in the personal safety industry and has dedicated his life to helping others stay safe. After assuming the role of CEO for SABRE in 1997, David continued to expand SABRE’s safety product offerings, as well as training materials. To disseminate his message of safety, he developed the SABRE Law Enforcement Training Division and the SABRE Personal Safety Academy featuring the Civilian Safety Awareness Program and the College Safety Program. See below for more details on David’s milestones throughout his safety career. 

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Partners and Affiliates

The first mantra for a safety lifestyle is to partner with others and resources to help increase safety. Whether staying in groups, alerting your loved ones of your location, or searching a prospective first date partner or venue, safety is best accomplished together, which is why David maintains partnerships with other leading safety organizations.


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Top national and regional news outlets rely on David Nance to weigh in on personal safety issues as they arise. View a few of his interviews for safety tips, situation analysis, and more.

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