Trick or Treat: 12 Sweet Safety Tips for Halloween

October 31st is just around the corner, which means a couples of things. First, your little ones are planning their costumes for a candy-filled evening. Second, your neighborhood will soon be buzzing with people – most of them looking for fun and candy, but some of whom might have bad intentions. The good news is there’s a way you can reduce your safety risks this Halloween.

Keep your little ghouls, witches, and pumpkins safe while trick-or-treating by… Giving them instructions to stay in a group if they’re old enough to go from house to house without adult supervision. Reminding them to be alert and not talk to strangers they cross paths with on the street. All child safety tips from last month apply. Additionally, since kids will be going door-to-door to collect candy, also remind them not to go into anyone’s home. Making sure their costumes don’t obstruct their vision or pose a tripping hazard. Adding a Personal Alarm with Key Ring to their costume. Attach the product to your little one’s Halloween outfit. They can activate the alarm if the get lost or feel unsafe.

Once the little ones are done trick-or-treating, be sure to check their candy haul and discard the following. Candy with ripped wrappers. Pinholes or needle holes. Loose, homemade items. Produce such as candied apples (might have razor blades or other dangerous items within) Foods that have ingredients your child is allergic to.

Make sure your home is sweet, not scary! Reduce safety risks in your home by… Keeping your house well-lit, inside, and out. This has a few benefits. First, it lets potential burglars know that someone is home and can see what’s going on. It also helps trick-or-treaters make it safely up to your door by knowing exactly what decorations are where. Investing in fake security cameras. Affordable (retailing at about $15) and effective, a fake security camera is another deterrent to those who might want to take advantage of Halloween’s many distractions. Asking your neighborhood watch group to keep an eye out. There’s no such things as too many people looking out for one another’s safety. Happy Halloween!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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