Dog Walking Safety Tips

As the weather gets nicer, you and your dog are going to look forward to the opportunity to get out enjoy a walk around the neighborhood or a run at the dog park. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you and your pet stay safe.

1. Plan ahead.

If you are going to a park or a beach, make sure dogs are permitted, and if so what preparation is required? Do they need to be registered? What kind of restraints are allowed? What types of activities are permitted? Is there a limit on pets per person? A little research beforehand will make sure the visit is fun for you AND your dog.

2. Check your equipment.

Make sure that your leash and collar/harness are in good condition and fit your pet. A collar that is too loose or a leash that is made for a smaller breed/size dog than yours is a recipe for catastrophe.

3. Tag (or better yet, Chip) your dog.

Sometimes, in the excitement of chasing a squirrel or playing with another dog, your pet may get away from you. If your dog is tagged or microchipped, the odds of them being located and returned to you increase exponentially. And make sure YOU have identification on yourself, as well.

4. Know the local leash laws.

Are dogs allowed off-leash where you are planning to run or walk?


Water is key, and not just for your pet! Remember to stop and take a sip now and then, and share some with Spot! Carry a collapsible travel bowl to give them some clean water.

6. Be ready for anything.

Your pleasant walk can go sour quickly if you or your pet is confronted by an aggressive, unsupervised dog. If the worst happens, do not try and get in the middle of it. If you can, use a safe and humane deterrent like Protector Dog Attack Deterrent from SABRE. This will protect yourself and your pet at a safe distance (12-15 feet), but you also won’t leave the attacking animal with any lasting injury. “Protector” means just that: This dog spray’s mission is to help protect you, your pet and even the attacking dog from long term harm. All this so that you can walk confidently.

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