6 Ways to Stay Safe on Campus This Fall

Another summer is speeding by, and soon it will be time for college students to hit the books. If you’re a college student, academics and social events are probably at the top of your mind, but it’s also important to focus on maximizing your safety. Here are 6 ways collegiate can help keep campuses safe this semester:

1. Using portable alarms to make a dorm room or apartment more secure.

College students tend to move from place to place during their years at school, so portable alarms are an ideal choice are making a home away from home safer. Starting as low as $9.99, these alarms will likely fit within your college budget. Not heading off to school yourself, but know someone who is? The Dorm / Apartment Kit makes a perfect gift.

2. Carrying pepper spray and/or a personal alarm.

You should have a safety plan for when you’re out and about. Many campuses permit pepper spray and pepper gel, and both are compact items that pack a punch. On Campuses where pepper based personal safety products aren’t allowed, you can still achieve peace of mind with a personal alarm. Personal alarms can help you call for help and scare off potential attackers if you start to feel unsafe. Incorporating safety into your everyday routine is as simple as attaching one of these products to your keychains.

3. Attending a self-defense or personal safety seminar.

Safety seminars are commonly offered at higher education institutions. Email your R.A. or school administration and ask if there are any seminars you can register for. In addition to providing, you with self-defense techniques and risk reduction strategies, these classes can help you keep safety in mind.

4. Looking out for each other and intervening when necessary – bystander intervention.

If you see someone getting harassed or assaulted and feel that you can intervene without putting your own safety in danger, you should feel confident in doing so. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe intervening, it’s still good to stay in order to call 911 and serve as a witness. If the perpetrator knows someone else is watching them, they might give up on behavior they know is wrong.

5. Sticking together when out and about.

There’s safety in numbers, so stick with a friend whenever possible – this will help you appear less vulnerable to a potential attacker. Make sure that one of you, at the very least, has a charged cell phone, emergency cash and a personal safety device.

6. Taking advantage of free safe ride or walking services.

Most colleges offer safe ride or walking services to help students get from one place to another with extra security. Commuting accompanied by official school personnel, such as safe ride drivers or walking guards, will let potential attackers know you’re alert and protected.

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